Power Distribution

Monitor your grid

With SATEL radio modems it is easy to set up a network that controls and monitors the condition of the SCADA system. In particular energy transfer, which is sensitive to problematic situations, possible breaks in distribution must be kept as short as possible. This requires a reliable monitoring and control network. If problems arise, malfunctioning stations can be pinpointed quickly and in some instances restored remotely.

Examples of SCADA systems based on SATEL products:

Smart grids:
Electricity distribution - communication between the disconnector terminal units and the network control centre
Electric meter - monitoring of electricity consumption in real-time

Wind mills - controlling and monitoring the turbines (wind speed, humidity, temperature, amount of produced energy)
Waterworks - remote control and real-time monitoring of pumping stations, water reservoirs and distribution substations
Sewer networks - flow and leakage monitoring
District heating - monitoring of measurement stations and pumps, remote control and real-time monitoring of control valves
Gas pipelines - gas compressing and pressure reduction stations monitoring