AP Series Enclosures

by IDRM France

Pressurized enclosures 
EEx p II T4
Stainless steel 316L
Painted Steel (on request)
Maximum size : 2000 x 2000 x 600 mm  (78.74 x 78.74 x 23.62 in)

Technical Characteristics

EC type examination certificate: INERIS 03ATEX 0035
Type approved : AP.. - .. -6
Equipped with pressurization unit AR21
Incorporated with remote or with heater (according to configuration)
AR21: EC type examination certificate: INERIS 04 ATEX0037X
Zones: 1 and 2 (Gas)
Gas group: II 2 G
Marking: EEx p II T4
Ambient temperature: –5°C +40°C or -20°C +40°C (with heater) 
Material : Stainless steel 316L, Painted steel (upon request)
Maximum dissipated power: See chart
Maximum electrical supply: 500V
Equipment: Pedestal 100mm + eye bolts
Glass window: On request, see chart

European Union Directive

94/9/EC (March 23, 1994) – ATEX.

European Union Rules

EN 50014 Explosive atmospheres
EN 50016 Pressurized apparatus