DMP Series

by T-T Electric

DMP Series DC motors are fully laminated, 2 or 4 pole, square frame.

  • Output: 1-200 kW
  • Torque: 5-1000 Nm

The DMP motor range comprises of:

Frame SizeCore Lengths
112-2 MA,LA
112-4 M,L
132-2 M
132-4 S,M,L,LB
160-4 S,SO,M,MO,L,LO,LB
180-4 A,B,C,D,E,F

Type designated example - DMP 180-4E:

  • DM = DC motor
  • P = Motor type
  • 180 = Center height
  • 4 = Number of poles
  • E = Core Length

Standard Features

  • Fully laminated stator, main poles and interpoles
  • Compact square frame design
  • Easy installation of accessories
  • Large opening in end shields for easy inspection
  • Stator winding in varnish insulated copper wire
  • Laminated armature core of high grade insulated electroplate
  • Large number of cooling products in armature provide excellent cooling
  • Scrambled armature laminated for low torque ripples
  • Armature winding of varnished copper designed for low commutating stresses and high mechanical strength
  • Armature is impregnated to ensure high degree of heat transfer
  • Brush holders with spring loaded pressure fingers
  • Prepared for a number of options and accessories ensuring high flexibility
  • Painting with excellent corrosion resistant properties
  • Conforms to IEC standards
  • Available according to NEMA
  • Available CSA Approved