EB Series Junction Boxes

by IDRM France

Explosion Proof Junction Boxes 
EEx e II T6 (IP65)

Technical Characteristics

EC type examination certificate: LCIE 03ATEX6069-1
Type approved: AD531105
Zones: 1 and 2 (Gas) – 21 and 22 (Dust) 
Gas and dust group: II 2 GD 
Marking: EEx e II T6 
Painting: RAL9005 (Black)                    
Degree of protection: IP65 (EN 60529) 
Ambient temperature: –20°C +40°C (on request: –20°C +80°C)
Degree of protection: IP65 (EN 60529)
Material: Polyester


4x Cable entries (polyamide) for cable ø 8 to 13mm
2x Stopping plugs M20 (spare)
10x Terminal blocks 0.5 to 4mm² - 275V max. - 5 to 28A max. 
1x Earth terminal block 0.5 to 4mm²
1x Crossing earth M6 stainless steel 

European Union Directive

94/9/EC (March 23, 1994) – ATEX.

European Union Rules

EN 50014 - Explosive atmospheres
EN 50018 - Flameproof enclosures
EN 50281-1-1 - Combustible dust