F23 Series

by Telecrane Lee's Hi-Tech

Simple / flexible / economic radio controls for all kinds of industrial applications.

Flex Design

We've made it easy for you to choose the system that works for you! You can design your own F-23 radio and choose from a variety of possible configurations including MAIN, COM and NC/NO Relays and they are all interchangeable freely. Alternatively, we offer models that are pre-built with the latest technologies. With a custom-configured F-23 radio from Telecrane, you're getting EXACTLY what you want.


  • 6 - 10 commands, Rotary Key Switch + EMERGENCY-STOP
  • Transmitter Power supply: 2 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Over 4.3 billions unique ID code available
  • Hamming code & enhanced safety watch-dog circuit
  • Internal antenna for both transmitter & receiver (Option: Receiver external passive antenna available)
  • Operating temperature range -35°C to +85°C
  • Enclosure protection class IP 65
  • Microsoft Windows based software for easy customized configuration
  • Easy customization with new F-23 FLEX* design
  • Structure : Glass-Fiber


ModelDimensions (mm)Weight (g)Push ButtonsPower Supply
F-23 A/C Transmitter 218 x 60 x 60 350* 6/10 single step 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
F-23 B/D Transmitter 218 x 60 x 60 365* 6/10 double step 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
F-23 Receiver 290 x 230 x 70 1900* N/A 24/48/110/220/380 VAC
* approximate without batteries or wire cable