by Wachendorff Automation

Suitable for encoder with connector outlet SI8 and SH8, 8 pin, IP40 connector (Sub-D 15 pin, 3 rows).

Ready-made shielded connection cable with female cable connector straight and Sub-D connector.  Female connector/ housing / connector housing electrically connected.


Housing 8 pin:  nickel-plated brass:  15 pin:  metalized
Construction of female connector Straight with ready made cable
No. of contacts 8 pin and 15 pin
Termination by Soldering
Contact surface 8 pin: silver; 15-pin: gold
Connection 8 pin:  screw connection: 15-pin locking screws
Gland bushing Cable clamp
Encoder protection 8 pin: only when mated max. IP40;  15 pin: only when mated max. IP20


Advice Frequency inverters:
Control Techniques type: Unidrive SP
KEB type: F5
Flender Loher type: Dynavert L


KD-8-40-15-S-CTF For frequency inverter Control Techniques
KD-8-40-15-S-KEB For frequency inverter KEB
KD-8-40-15-S-LOH For frequency inverter Flender Loher