by Wachendorff Automation

Compact length measurement system for length or speed LMS24 with shaft encoder WDG24C, spring lever and measuring wheel.  Fields of application: Pasteboard, soft plastics, textiles, wood, rubber.

The measuring system includes:

  • Encoder WDG 24C
  • Measuring wheel MRD40GR06
  • Spring lever WDGFS10000


Encoder Encoder, incremental, magnetic, WDG 24C
synchro flange: Ø 24 mm
shaft: Ø 6 mm 
protection rating: up to IP67 all around
resolution: up to 1024 ppr
Signal shape: square-wave.
for further information, look at encoder WDG 24C
Spring lever Spring lever WDGFS10000
Measuring wheels Measuring wheel MRD40GR06
Ø 40 mm
Digital panel meters Examples for industrial counters:
C48C SERIES - 1/16 DIN counters 
LCD, 7 segment, 2 line 6 digit display 
display of counter value and batch or preset value at the same time

Compact preset counter and tachometer CUB5 
8 digit display
36 mm x 72 mm
display of position, rotation-speed, flow-rate
optional relays output cards