MT Magnetic Linear Encoder  More

Non contact magnetic linear encoder MT has measuring length up to 50 m. 

The encoder is used to convert linear displacements of key machine components into electrical signals containing information about the value and direction of the displacement. 

Encoder consists of metal based magnetic band MP, reading head and protective steel cover, CV.  The length of magnetic band could be up to 50 m.  Encoder could be supplied with external zero signal actuator (magnet), which allows usage one of many reference marks made on band.

Zero signal actuator is not necessary in the case when the magnetic band with reference marks made according to customer requirements (MP200Z) is used.  Encoder also could be supplied with protective aluminum support SP (instead of protective cover CV), which is mounted on machine for magnetic band protection.

Magnetic Linear Encoder
Magnetic Linear Encoder
Two version of output signals are available; square-wave and sinusoidal signal
CMT Magnetic Linear Encoder
This encoder has two version of serial interface SSI or BiSS C. On option third encoder version is available: with 2 analog sinusoidal signals with phase shift 90C and amplitude approx. 1 Vpp.
MK Magnetic Absolute Linear Encoder
Two version of output signals are available
MT Magnetic Linear Encoder
Square-wave signals, with integrated subdividing electronics for interpolation
PCMT Magnetic Linear Encoder