MTF-S02 Series Electric Vibrators with Top Mounting Flange

by Italvibras

The new MTF (MTF-S02) series, made up of vertical vibrators with lateral flange and with weight protection covers fixed to the opposite part to the flange, adopts innovative technical solutions that increase performance and reliabiltiy.  Typically used in circular screens and in small and medium-size sieves, these vibrators are supplied with lamellar or clamped eccentric weights, which regulation is particularly easy.

The MTF series complies with the most recent IEC and EN international standards for use in atmospheres with potentially explosive powders.  In particular, the MTF series can be used in areas 21 and 22. 

Category:  ll 2 D

Level of protection:  tD A21 IP66

EC certificate:  LCIE 05 ATEX 6163 X

Zones of use:  21, 22


Power Supply

Three-phase voltage from 24V to 690V, 50Hz or 60Hz or single-phase 100-130V, 60Hz and 200-240V, 50Hz (single-phase types are supplied without capacitor); suitable for use with an inverter from 20Hz to the base frequency with constant torque load profile. 


2 or 4 poles

Conformity with European Directives

Low Voltage 2006/95/EC, ATEX 94/9/EC.

Reference Regulations

EN 60034-1, IEC/EN 61241-0, IEC/EN 61241-1


Continual service (S1) at maximum declared centrifugal force and electric power.  Intermittent services are also possible depending on the type of vibrator and the operating conditions.  For detailed information, contact our office at 1-888-558-9956.

Centrifugal force

Range extended up to 2615 kgf. (25.7 KN), with centrifugal force adjustable from 0 to 100%.

Mechanical Protection

IP66 according to IEC 529, EN 6029.  Mechanical protection is ensured in the mounting phase of the vibrator onto the vibrating machine, by introducing the special seal into the seat on the coupling flange.

Protection against mechanical impacts

IK 08 accoding to IEC 68, EN 50102.

Insulation class

Class F (155°C), class H (180°C) on request.


Standard on all vibrators, with vacuum encapsulation up to size 30, with "drop by drop" trickle system for larger sizes. 

Ambient temperature

From -20°C to +40°C.  Versions for higher or lower temperatures are available on request.

Vibrator thermal protection

On demand with PTC rated thermistor heat detectors 130°C (DIN 44081-44082).  Also on request thermistors with different temperatures and anti-condensation heaters.

Fixing of the Vibrator

In all positions and therefore without restriction.


All vibrators are lubricated in the factory and do not require further lubrication if used in normal operating conditions ("FOR LIFE" lubrication).  In heavy duty operating conditions periodical re-lubrication may be applied to frame sizes 40-50-70.

Electrical connection box

The size guarantees passage of tools used for fixing the vibrator to the vibrating machine.  The electrical connection must be carried out using the relative connectors inserted inside the connection box.  Special shaped terminals allow to fix the power supply cable, protecting it from loosening.

Electric motor

Three-phase asynchronous type.  Designed for maximum starting torques and torque curves specific to requirements of vibrating machines.  Insulated windings through vacuum encapsulating up to size 30; using "drop by drop" trickle system with class H resin for sizes 40-50-70.  The rotor is die cast aluminium


In high-tensile aluminium alloy up to size 50, in spheroidal cast iron for size 70.

Bearing flange

Constructed in cast iron (spheroidal or grey) or in aluminium with steel bearing seat.  The geometry of the flange transmits the load to the casing uni-formly.


The lower and upper bearings have been studied to support the relative load and therefore they have a particular geometry, especially designed and made for Italvibras.

Motor shaft

In treated steel alloy (Isothermic hardening) resistant to stress.

Eccentric weights

Allow greater adjustment of the centrifugal force as a percentage of the maximum centrifugal force.

Weight covers

In aluminium alloy, mounted on the lower side.  The flange side does not have weight cover.  Size 40 is supplied without weight covers on both sides.


Electrostatic surface treatment based on polymerised epoxy polyester powder in oven at 200°C.  Tested in salt spray for 500 hours

Stainless steel protection

On request, corrosion high grade protection (stainless steel micro suspensions in a polyurethanic paint) is available.

Please contact our office for the available Certifications, 1-888-558-9956