by Coel Motori S.r.l.

General information

The spring-applied brake VIS is a single-disk brake with two friction surfaces. The compression springs create the braking torque by friction locking. The brake is released electromagnetically. The spring-applied brake is designed for the conversion of mechanical work and kinetic energy in heating. For operation characteristics see related paragraph.


  • Modular
  • CSAus Certified
  • From 8ft/lb up to 500ft/lb
  • IP66
  • Patent pending design
  • Heavy duty design

Main Characteristics and Standards

The VIS Series brake are a Patented (pending) design and concept system for quick and easy installation with only 4 bolts.  No machining, fitting and redesign of existing motor required, regardless of manufacturer.  

VIS brakes CSAus approved are available in the following versions:

Class I II III
Division 1 1 -
Group C,D E,F,G -
Temperature Class T3 / T4 / T5
Max Surface Temperature T200°C / T135°C / T100°C
Protection Class IP66 
Ambient Temperature -50°C, +50°C (models made of GSF400/12 LT)
-20°C, +50°C (standard fro frames 56 to 405) 

Manual release

The manual release is an option available, it gives the possibility to release the brake in absence of current. It is a mechanical lever mounted on 2 fulcrums points moving the mobile anchor.


The VIS brakes can be equipped with a microswitch for air-gap or wear monitoring or for hand relase opening monitoring. The user must provide the corresponding electrical connection.


All the VIS brakes are equipped with a PTO thermal protection with temperature limit related to the temperature class of the brake required. It must always be connected when operating in order to prevent extra heating in hazardous areas. In alternative, we can apply a PTC thermistor to have a constant monitoring of the brake temperature through an external PLC.

General Performance Data

56                              15              11               
143/5 25 18
182/4 50 37
213/5 120 88
254/6 160 118
284/6 240 177
324/6 500 368
364/5 600 442
404/5 780 575
Note: special torque values between maximum and minimum values are available on request.

Speed and Torque

FrameMaximum SpeedStarts / Hour Max
Duty S1Dynamic*
56-143 3600 1800
145-182 3600 1800
184-213 3600 1300
215-264 3600 900
324-405 2800 600
* Values are calculated in dynamic application with an inertia applied to the brake so to create a sliding of the disk of 0,5 seconds maximum. In case of longer time of sliding of the disk calculation, please contact us.

The VIS brakes are designed to operate in heavy duty condition.

When using the VIS brake, pay attention to the values of maximum speed allowed, duty cycles and brake torque in relation to the inertia applied.


  • Hand release (not available for frames 250 and 280)
  • Ready for hand release kit
  • PTC thermistors
  • Anti condensation heaters
  • Switch on brake opening or on hand release 

Certified: CSAus (CSA certificate number 2542839)