by Wachendorff Automation

Paguflex coupling PF54 type 30 for encoder with shaft Ø 12 mm or 16 mm.


Max. operating speed 3.000 rpm
Max. torque 500 Ncm
Max. offset of shafts radial 3.2 mm
Max. offset of shafts axial 17 mm
Max. offset of shafts angular 15°
Torsion spring stiffness 21 Nm/rad
Radial spring stiffness 7,7 N/mm
Moment of inertia 187 gcm²
Max. clamping torque 150 Ncm
Weight 119 g
Material corrosion conservation, 
hub metal, 
compensating element Hytrel


PF541212 Paguflex coupling: Ø d1 = 12 mm, Ø d2 = 12 mm
PF541616 Paguflex coupling: Ø d1 = 16 mm, Ø d2 = 16 mm