RS-232 to RS-485 / 422 serial converter for SATELLINE-1870 and -1870E radio modems

SATEL RS-LINK 100 is a cost effective serial converter that can be configured to operate in compliance with RS-485 or RS-422. In addition to the standard converter features, the device includes a lot of user friendly functions that are needed for radio modem operation.

  • DIP-switches to select the RS-485 or RS-422 settings.
  • Six LED-indicators to help the data transfer monitoring.
  • Direct connection to SATELLINE-1870 and -1870E radio modems without cables.
  • Screw connectors for RS-232 signals.

For service purposes the radio modem can be set to the programming mode or if needed it can be switched OFF too.

Technical specifications

Interface RS-232, RS-485 half-duplex, RS-485 full-duplex (RS-422)
Indicators PWR ON / OFF, Converter ON / OFF, RD, TD, CTS, RS-485 / 422
Operating voltage +9 ... +30 Vdc
Size/Weight 64 x 47 x 14 mm / 100 g
Connectors Screw connectors