SATELLINE-1870 is small and economical radio modem. Thanks to its small size, as well as low output power consumption the SATELLINE-1870 is particularly well suited for internal applications within factories.

The SATELLINE-1870 uses the pan-European free 868 ... 870 MHz frequency band. This band is divided into sub-bands according to the output power and duty cycle allowed for the transmitter. When changing the frequency, the user need not worry about the output power limitation; the modem automatically sets the output power according to the regulations. Due to the limited output power the communication distances are from 1 to 5 kilometers as maximum depending on surroundings. By using repeater stations and addresses the range of the radio modem network can be extended.

SATELLINE-1870 is compatible with RS-232 interface. The modem can be connected to a terminal with a ribbon cable or by wiring a D9 connector. Like with the preceding models, assembling is performed with 2.5 mm screws, Velcro tape or the DIN-rail with a special installation kit. The settings of the SATELLINE-1870 radio modems can be modified by SL-commands in the normal communication mode or through an external terminal in the programming mode. The software of the SATELLINE-1870 resides in a flash memory. The flash memory is easily re-programmable through a programming device.


Frequency range 868 … 870 MHz
Tuning range 2 MHz
Channel spacing 25 kHz fixed
Sensitivity/Carrier power -108 dBm / 100 mW
Interface RS-232
Data speed 9600 / 19200 bps
Operating voltage +8 … +30 Vdc
Power consumption Refer to the User Guide
Size/Weight 125 x 57 x 16 mm / 125 g
Connectors DIN41650-16 pin male / SMA female