Series F

by D.G. Controls

Heavy duty beacons with glass fresnel dome.  Supplied either 'XFF' with Mild Steel base incorporating integral cage guard or 'XFF/SS' with Stainless Steel base for harsh environments (including acidic).  

XFF Models incorporates base fixing on 51mm (2 in) centres and central underside 20mm OD (0.787 in) cable entry.  XFF/SS Model features fixing holes on 120mm (4.72 in) x 165mm (6.50 in) centres and side 20.5mm OD (0.807 in) cable entry.

Available Combinations

Voltages 12, 24, 115, 230 & VRA (voltage ranges 12Vdc - 100Vdc or 12Vac - 70Vac)
Lamp Types Xenon (strobe), LED
Colours Red, Amber, Green, Blue, Clear (white) 

Standard Features

XFF 155 x 150mm (5.90 x 5.90in), 211mm (8.30in) high with cage guard
XFF/SS  155 x 155mm (5.90 x 5.90in), 192mm (7.55in) high  
185 x 155mm (7.28 x 5.90in) with mounting bracket
Visibility 360° All-round
Temperature Range  -40°C, +55°C
Rating IP65 / Nema 4


Wall Mounting Bracket MB1 (for XFF series only)