SLE Analogue Control

by Sprint Electric

Model SLE - Analogue DC Motor Control Up 106 Amps (44KW/60HP) - 2 Quadrant

A drive designed specifically for straight forward cost effective control of single direction DC motors up to 106 Amps.
The SLE drive offers you reliability and performance when controlling simple DC motor applications --  ideal if you are an OEM or machine builder.
The compact size makes it easier to integrate into new designs or existing control systems.


  • Four models:
  • 34 Amps (14KW/19HP)
  • 58 Amps (24KW/32HP)
  • 82 Amps (34KW/50HP)
  • 106 Amps (44KW/60HP)
  • 2 Quadrant analogue DC motor controller
  • Isolated control electronics for easy connection to other drives/equipment
  • Extremely compact size saves panel space and makes for easy retrofitting
  • 290 x 215 x 155(mm) H x W x D

Technical Highlights

  • Torque control input for basic winding or tension control, with overspeed limiting
  • Numerous alarms for enhanced drive and motor protection
  • Configurable field bridge for easy motor field voltage matching
  • Zero reference interlock facility, ideal for extruder applications
  • Multiple inputs and outputs
  • S ramp facility


ModelAC Supply RangeTypical Armature
Voltage @ 415VAC
Max Continuous
Armature Current
Nominal Power
@ 460VDC
SLE 14 200 to 240v 460v 34A 14KW / 19HP
SLE 14 380 to 480v 460v 34A 14KW / 19HP
SLE 24 200 to 240v 460v 58A 24KW / 32HP
SLE 24 380 to 480v 460v 58A 24KW / 32HP
SLE 34 200 to 240v 460v 82A 34KW / 50HP
SLE 34 380 to 480v 460v 82A 34KW / 50HP
SLE 44 200 to 240v 460v 106A 44KW / 60HP