SZG81 WDG Incremental

by Wachendorff Automation

Draw-wire system
Measuring range: 0 mm up to 1250 mm
to 0 mm up to 6250 mm
output: incremental signals
IP65 encoder ready-mounted
4 different lengths
Various methods of installation


  • Exceptionally rugged length sensor
  • Measuring range 0 mm up to 2500 mm
    to 0 mm up to 6250 mm
  • Output: incremental signals
  • IP65 encoder ready-mounted


Description The draw-wire encoder SZG 81 was developed for use in harsh environments.
With its 4 different lengths, it can be put into service very economically.
The various methods of installation mean high flexibility.
It can be used even where space is tight, thanks to its compact dimensions.

The SZG 81 can be mounted quickly and with its highly precise mechanics
provides reliable accurate length measurement.
The intelligent spring-suspension and the nylon-coated stainless-steel wire cable guarantee
long-service life, even in difficult operating conditions.
The mechanics have been perfectly matched to the encoder model WDG58A.
The encoder is already installed.

Measurement range 0 mm up to 2.500 mm,
0 mm up to 3.500 mm,
0 mm up to 5.000 mm,
0 mm up to 6.250 mm.
Resolution Various, depending on encoder up to 100 pulses/mm at 4 x edge evaluation
WDG 58A with 1000 PPR = Resolution:   5 pulses/mm
WDG 58A with 2000 PPR = Resolution: 10 pulses/mm
WDG 58A with 5000 PPR = Resolution: 25 pulses/mm
Signals incremental
Mounting direction UP: Wire exit up
DN: Wire exit down
FR: Wire exit front
BK: Wire exit back
Storage temperature -30 °C up to +80 °C
Operating temperature -20 °C up to +70 °C