XF Series Floodlights

by IDRM France

Explosion proof flood lights
EEx de IIB T2, T3, T4 (IP66)
HP Sodium
Metal Halide
Aluminium for marine use 

Technical Characteristics

EC type examination certificate: INERIS 03 ATEX 0074X
Type approved: XF (floodlight)
EC Type examiniation certificate: KEMA 06 ATEX 0035X
Type approval: XF-X
Zones: 1 and 2 (Gas) - 21 and 22 (Dust)
Gas and dust group: II 2 GD
Marking: EEx de IIB t2 to T4 (in accordance to configuration)
Degree of protection: IP66 (EN 60529)
Ambient temperature: -20°C +40°C
Painting: RAL5018 (Blue)
Material: Aluminium alloy (copper free)
Electrical supply: 230/240V - 50/60Hz
Equipment: Incorporated (without lamp) 

On request

Lamps: HP sodium vapour, Metal Halide, Halogen

European Union Directive

94/9/EC (March 23, 1994) – ATEX.
89/336/EEC (EMC) + 92/31/EEC + 93/68/EEC
73/23/EEC (LVD) + 93/68/EEC 

European Union Rules

EN 50014 - Explosive atmospheres
EN 50018 - Flameproof enclosures 
EN 50019 - Incresed safety
EN 50281-1-1 - Combustible dust